Hi, I'm Matthew Yao

Building at:

I spend most of my time these days in Perth, Australia building businesses while trying to lead an exciting and fulfilling life. Outside of work, this is what my day-to-day looks like: *updated 11 Dec 2023

- Quality time with family, friends, and my Maltese dog Joey

- Consuming information (reading & watching)

- Consolidating information (writing in my journal)

- Drinking different coffee blends to fuel my day

- Latin social dancing (bachata & kizomba)

- Practising my golf swing

On a more global level, here are my priorities:

- Spiritual growth, studying the Bible (in church and non-church settings)

- Doing great work in every project I undertake

- Sleeping 8+ hours a night

- Learning new things

- Travelling, having new experiences, and meeting cool people

(On rare occasions now), I document my journey by tweeting here, posting BTS footage of my life on Instagram here, and making YouTube videos here.

Previously bootstrapped the University of Greatness, a non-accredited, subscription-based online learning platform serving 500+ students in 26 countries, focused on entrepreneurship and mentorship.