Hi, I'm Matthew Yao

I'm currently working on:

Stealth Mode


I spend most of my time these days in Perth, Australia building businesses and diving into the world of commercial real estate while trying to lead an exciting and fulfilling life. This is what my day-to-day looks like:

- Quality time with family, friends, and my Maltese dog Joey

- Looking at real estate

- Consuming information (reading & watching)

- Consolidating information (writing in my journal)

- Drinking different coffee blends to fuel my day

- Latin social dancing (bachata & kizomba)

On a more global level, here are my priorities:

- Spiritual growth, studying the Bible (in church and non-church settings)

- Doing great work in every project I undertake

- Sleeping 8+ hours a night

- Learning new things

- Travelling, having new experiences, and meeting cool people

(On rare occasions now), I document my journey by tweeting here, posting BTS footage of my life on Instagram here, and making YouTube videos here.

Previously bootstrapped the University of Greatness, a non-accredited, subscription-based online learning platform serving 500+ students in 26 countries, focused on entrepreneurship and mentorship.